Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Fine Art of Noticing

The Fine Art of Noticing is the first of a series of thin volumes about and from Greenville, SC. Each book is hand bound, utilizing recycled art for the covers with title and other information stitched on. They make a delightful read and are sure to become collectors' items as further volumes come to light. Written and literally self published in a creative and artistic manner by Karen Lucci. These little gems are now available at the Upcountry Museum in Greenville, SC.


Kathy - "delightful indeed, and a pure joy to hold. I literally had to slow myself down, as I wanted to consume the book all at once. The stories resonate in a way too private to try and explain, and have sparked a journey of soul searching with a different lens than I've ever had before."

Deb - Karen Lucci looks at the world in a different way than most of us do. She sees joy and delight and beauty in the most ordinary places. Her handmade book is a charming example of her gracious and grace-filled outlook."

Jayne - "enchanting"

Deborah - "I have enjoyed the book so much...right down to the beautiful cover. It inspires me to notice the little things I'm missing day to day."

Judy - " 'The Fine Art of Noticing' " is charming, witty, and filled with heartwarming adventures. I found it so delightful that I keep it on the kitchen table for a quick 'hug' during the day."