Friday, August 31, 2012

Wild Mushrooms of Lake Hartwell

I've never seen so many mushrooms in my life
 as I did on a recent camping trip to
 Twin Lakes Campground at Lake Hartwell.
Though in a technical drought, we've received abundant rain
and mixed with high humidity these beauties 
just exploded, appearing everywhere.
The squirrels seemed to enjoy munching the
colorful delicacies, but we did not touch them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grilled Pizza

A Successful Experiment
Grilled pizza always looks so rustic and authentic that we
decided to give it a try.  I bought pizza crust in a tube from
Walmart, rolled it out, oiled both sides and plopped it
on the preheated grill where it got its first grill marks.

After cooking for about 3 minutes we turned it over
(using a flat cookie sheet) added sauce, meatballs, onions,
peppers, olives, and mozzarella; closed the lid and cooked
it on the lowest heat for about 7 minutes and voila.......