Friday, October 29, 2010

Poet Me

This is me on a beautifully crisp autumn day sitting in Carl Sandburg's chair in Flat Rock, NC. It is OK, because he wasn't using it at the time and I had just discovered that I am a poet. This truly was a revelation. I had thought that I was just painting pages in my journal and writing my observances on top of the colors in an interesting and creative manor...when what to my surprise I saw that they were actual poems, funny little poems, but poems never the less. I think I will call it "illustrated poetry" which will encompass this new genre. How exciting! What a lovely revelation! How unique a gift! So, when I found Carl's chair unoccupied, I thought to take a rest and a ponder and to peruse this newness occurring in autumn when things are normally coming to closure, falling apart, or drying up. In future blogs I will begin to reveal my new work as I scan my colorful wordy pages and post them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Front Porch

Since moving to the south many years ago, I have often made fun of southern porches with major appliances and/or upholstered furniture. That is until a few weeks ago when we were removing a chair from the living room to the garage via the front porch. Its destination was Goodwill. But it has had a layover right next to the front door. I did it first as a joke, a southern joke. And then I sat in it on the porch...and well, actually it felt nice and was actually kind of fun. So, I thought I'd leave it for a day or two. It is now into its second week and we are becoming great friends, the porch, the chair, and I. I'm not sure how long will be the reprieve from Goodwill, but I now understand the attraction of stuffed furniture on the front porch. I also eat grits and greens!

Hunting Island

We call our little camper "Daisy" because we get to driver her around!!

She especially liked this campsite (58) at the Hunting Island Campground.
Gathering my "implements of creation,"I greatly enjoyed my time on the beach.
Phil and I were up and out early to take sunrise photos of the landscape...but this picture just happened and I LOVE IT!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beach Time

Can you feel the peace? Can you hear the surf? Can you smell the shrimp? A wonderful week spent at Topsail Beach compliments of Jim and Bernice. Ahhh...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lake Russell

Thank God that autumn has finally arrived in the south. We left home for Calhoun Falls in the middle of a rain storm and arrived as the rains were moving out and on down the road. The fragrance of water-washed and sun-drenched pines was both welcoming and intoxicating. Patches of crimson and russet poked out amidst the greenery along the shores, or should I say beaches, of Lake Russell. One of my favorite sightings was that of a gramma riding her bright red electric scooter with a large metal basket attached to the handlebars. In the basket sat her 8 month old grandson with the most delightful look upon his face; the identical happy, self satisfied grin as his gramma.