Sunday, November 11, 2018


It has been many many months since I last posted on this blog. Much has happened on this twist and turn of my journey.  But all is well and I have landed in an interesting, to say the least, community of believers who have purchased a 17 acre parcel of
 property including buildings for a retreat center and a 150 year old mikvah. "What is a mikvah?" you say.  

And now we enter the story...

A mikvah is a Jewish immersion pool
used for spiritual cleansing
described in both the Old and New
Testaments of the Bible.

Monday, July 25, 2016



By taking the previous devotional,
"Simply Inspired,"
and adding and deleting a few pages,
plus simplifying the text,
I have produced a more compact
and yet equaling inspiring devotional. . . 
perfect for yourself or a great gift
for anyone who loves God 
and His Word
and appreciates creativity!

available at


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bible Journaling

"The cattle on a thousand hills are mine."
Psalm 50:10

It's been a month since I purchased
my journaling Bible
and I am in love.

I've always loved God's word
and many times painted my response
in oils or acrylics on canvas,
or doodled in the margins of my Bible,
I now feel that I've actually been given

permission to study and express 
myself right on the page.

One of my frustrations with previous work
was "What to do with it?"

Do I offer it for sale?
Keep it in a drawer?
Give it as a gift?

But now it all has a place.

Some of my colorful illustrations are fantastic.
Precisely what I had in mind, while others
have not turned out so well . . .
and yet they are all there between the covers.


Later on I will write about my journey 
into this "Illustrated Faith."
But for now, I encourage you to do a little
exploration at your Christian book store
or on line at many sites.

Once you've begun you will 

experience for yourself
how personal and intimate
and rewarding this manner of
Bible study -

creativity -
love of The Word -
can be.

And a bonus  . . .

all ages may participate.

What a wonderful activity 
for your family
to begin this summer!!


Friday, April 29, 2016

Twenty Third Psalm

While tentatively delving into "Bible Journaling"
I am finishing up my coloring book 

for the children at New Beginnings 
in Martin, GA.

The book is a testimony and affirmation 

of who they are in Christ, 
with pages of their surroundings
to color along with illustrated
pages of the 23rd Psalm.

When I am done with this project
I will begin a small illustrated book,
just of that Psalm.

In my head it is so cool.
Just pen and ink sketches
illuminating the scripture.

So simple.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Something New!

Where two or more
are gathered in My Name . . 

For years now I have used my art and faith to paint 
and preach colorful insights I've discovered while
reading and studying the Bible.

I've painted pictures, cut, pasted and drew ideas
on canvas, in notebooks or right in my Bible.  
I've spoken to many groups about my
 passion that a creative God loves 
stimulating and creative people.

 I recently began to post some of my art and photographs
on Instagram along with a relevant scripture in the hopes
of preaching to the electronic generation around the world
 and was surprised to discover 
a multitude of others
doing the same thing.

What I have learned over the many years of
painting the essence of faith is 
that the time I spend
with my Bible:
 searching for a scripture
reading and listening to that word
pondering/digesting the meaning
and then responding in full color
turns out to be the most intimate times 
I've ever spent - one on one with God.

The revelations discovered never leave me
and I have a "token of His goodness"
to keep, refer to for continued inspiration,
 and even to show others.

Check out "illustratedfaith" 
see what I'm talking about.
You don't need any special materials, 
just a sincere and adventurous heart.

Now go ....

Be brave!
Get started!

("poemplayz" on instagram)


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Bold Life

this is one of my favorite paintings
acrylic on paper
  the scene across the street
minus the ranch house and horses

I love the boldness
intensity of color

a statement 

I want to make
with my life

having the courage
to make sure strokes
without wavering
or apology

seems like spring
is a good season
to start


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A New Day

It's March 1st, 2016,
a day that has never happened before,
and I am impressed
that this is the beginning of a new season.

Yes, spring is right around the corner,
 but I believe it is much more than that.

To successfully enter and participate,
we must travel light.

Letting go of former things,
and facing Him with joy and expectancy
truly believing
that our God is good and honest,
all power and majesty,
that He loves us
beyond reason and measure.

He thinks we are awesome.

Let's prove Him right!