Saturday, April 12, 2014


OK, so here's the deal.....the new book, "7 Days in Giverny," is finally available, and it is beautiful!  This charming little book is a finely (and funly) illustrated poetic memoir of my trip to France in 2000 where I enjoyed the benefit of artistic instruction from Gale Bennett (a world class painter and teacher) at ArtStudy Giverny . . . located just up the road from the home of Claude Monet.  If you are creative, want to be creative, know someone who should be creative, or just need a little nudge in stepping out in creativity - this book is for you (or them).  Available now at Amazon.  Now, if you want to be as amazed as I was, check out and type in my name and there you will see the covers and info of the books I have written and published right here in South Carolina. . . right there on the world wide web in full color!!!

Down the steps from my front porch is a chunk of concrete
where I have topped off a small wrought-iron set
 with a tea pot and cup and saucer given to me by friends.
 It seems a good place to enjoy the spring sun, 
peruse blooming bulbs and perennials, 
and ponder the next book.

The next one - I'm thinkingwill be more art 
 less prose . . . 
more poetic painting . . .  
less words . . . 

Monday, December 2, 2013


Monet  Monet @ Grayton Beach, Fl

While not photographed in France,
it was a very near
representation of the home
of Claude Monet that I had
visited nearly 14 years ago.

I am currently working on a colorful book
about the week I spent painting and musing
in the garden's of Monet.

This stop at the Grayt Grounds coffee house
was just confirmation to continue with
the poetic recollections of that journey.

Should be complete around February 2014.

Just one of several drawings to be featured
in the new book; 7 Days in Giverny

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


You may have wondered why there have been no postings since January.  Did I fall off the planet, been captured by aliens, moved to New Zealand?  No.  I've been working on my fourth book of poems - gathering, writing, rewriting, throwing out, rummaging through the trash to revive them again - then harnessing them together in book-form, and finally complete.

That's me with the happy face showing the final proofs to the sunshine.  This is a slightly different sort of book of poetry, not all roses and sweet baby toes.  Rough Sketches - portraits in black and white  is a collection of poems I have written about the homeless, marginalized, and disadvantaged folks I've encountered during my time as a volunteer at a local outreach mission.  None of these sketches represents a particular person or situation.  Liberally utilizing my creative license, I've embellished, combined, and imagined scenarios to reveal a lively kaleidoscope of characters - concerned more with evoking an emotional response than purely documenting this specific segment of society.

Me again with the happy face! If you are interested in adding this wonderfully creative book of poetry to your collection, please contact me at:     The book is finished and off the presses and can be purchased through Amazon or if you see me around, I normally have a couple copies in the back of the car.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Over the Mountains

Just a little trip up and over the Smokey Mountains to Tennessee and back made more beautiful by snow and ice on the trees and bushes, but not the roads. 

Christmas Cat

Our cat Frances has grandiose imaginings of a life
lived outside the house, an adventurous life
out in the wild kingdom
with flaura and fauna... when it was time to bring in the outside
Christmas decorations, Frances was right
in her wild kingdom element...

...she peeked and poked
and played with all the greenery
and ribbons...

... the end ...

Saturday, October 27, 2012


And I bet you thought that camping was all fun
and games and just relaxing around the campfire.
Well just look at this photo of me working hard
on a poem for my next collection of poetry called
"Beach Dogs."
Actually you really need a lot of mental space
to allow the words to swim around and settle
somewhere pleasant . . .

. . . which is what camping is truly all about!