Monday, November 17, 2014

Phil and I at Brookgreen Gardens

While walking around the beautiful gardens on a gorgeous October day,
we found a large mirror hanging on a shed
and took our photo!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Just a piece of wood washed up on the beach
of Lake Hartwell, SC.

A single googlie eye discovered under the picnic table
gave life and sight to this orphaned piece of wood,
while elongated pine needles became legs.

Autumn's first golden leaves garnished his head
while a swatch of pine needles festooned his tail.

An unexpected shadow opened his mouth
and made him smile!

Switched out again and looking perky.

Can you tell I used to love playing
with my Betsy McCall paper dolls?

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Master Gardener Phil has grown some
mighty fine and tasty sweet potatoes this year!
Despite their size
(some as large as small basket balls)
they taste sweet and juicy.
Just perfect.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunflowers and Morning Glories

Yesterday I pulled out all the large and spent sunflowers
from my garden only to discover a nest of smaller ones
in full bloom covered in morning glories.

Cutting them as a bouquet
I crammed a lovely aqua canning jar full.

This morning I was surprised and delighted
to find the severed morning glories
still blooming! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Humble me simply cannot resist posting such a kind and encouraging comment about "7 Days in Giverny" to be posted by Cello Bennett, wife of my fabulous French art instructor Gale Bennett, on her new blog.

"While many of you attended ArtStudy Giverny, a number of you have contacted me since Gale's passing and the school's closing to say how you wished you had the chance to attend.  If you want to experience some of the magic of ArtStudy Giverny, I highly recommend Artist Karen Lucci's precious little book, "7 Days in Giverny: A Poem."  Available on, the book is illustrated with watercolors based on photos taken during Karen's 2000 stay at ArtStudy Giverny.  Reading this enchanting book gives me shivers of pleasurable recognition up and down my spine.  Although I didn't meet Gale until 2001, I can relate wholeheartedly to Karen's poetic description of her artistic experience there.  This past winter Karen came to Florida to see the GALE BENNETT 75 exhibit, and I'm sorry to say we didn't get to meet.  I am grateful to have her adorable book, which I will cherish forever - and I look forward to meeting her in person in the near future!"

Saturday, April 12, 2014


OK, so here's the deal.....the new book, "7 Days in Giverny," is finally available, and it is beautiful!  This charming little book is a finely (and funly) illustrated poetic memoir of my trip to France in 2000 where I enjoyed the benefit of artistic instruction from Gale Bennett (a world class painter and teacher) at ArtStudy Giverny . . . located just up the road from the home of Claude Monet.  If you are creative, want to be creative, know someone who should be creative, or just need a little nudge in stepping out in creativity - this book is for you (or them).  Available now at Amazon.  Now, if you want to be as amazed as I was, check out and type in my name and there you will see the covers and info of the books I have written and published right here in South Carolina. . . right there on the world wide web in full color!!!

Down the steps from my front porch is a chunk of concrete
where I have topped off a small wrought-iron set
 with a tea pot and cup and saucer given to me by friends.
 It seems a good place to enjoy the spring sun, 
peruse blooming bulbs and perennials, 
and ponder the next book.

The next one - I'm thinkingwill be more art 
 less prose . . . 
more poetic painting . . .  
less words . . .