Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Tea

Morning is hot 
 Air fairly shimmers
Summer's simmering sun
Simply sizzled the atmosphere 
Optical tropical
Sumptuous waves

Summer Tea

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Erin, Rebekah, Rachel, and Justin
visiting Benjamin before his grand adventure

Grandpa and Justin with Rachel and Rebekah
looking over the trip to New Zealand

Rachel, Matthew, Jacob, Rebekah, and Benjamin
with the flag from Haiti as family wishes him a "Bon Voyage!"

Jacob, Matthew, and Isaiah (also know as Little Eddie)

Matthew, Jacob, Isaiah, Rebekah, and Rachel

Jacob studying his plate


Isaiah also known as "Little Eddie"

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I've been playing with poetry for the past couple of years while my painting-self sat languishing on the shelf, not forgotten, but out of sight, gathering dust but still with a gentle heart softly beating its wings.
Lake Lanier
During my trip to New Zealand I discovered that I didn't have to choose a singular creative expression, that I could actually paint and write, and I now open my days wide expressing myself  in which ever medium I am drawn to at the moment.

Lake Jocassee
So here are my first three pieces, (9x12") oil on canvas board, that have come to pass.  I'm  in the process of writing a poem about my return to this medium and the fear that consumed me as I tentatively embraced the possibility/opportunity for failure and the freedom that arrived - danced right in - on wings of grace.

Back Yard

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ART DOLLS (rustic)

First I would like to say that these are not my original ideas.  I found sisters like these strutting and frolicking  along the pages of a "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine and drew my inspiration from them. Actually I started with one to see if I could make it work...and it did...and my sisters grew in number. So right up front I'm confessing, telling you that I was inspired by the work of another artist (more creative than myself).

Cut a pattern from a sturdy piece of paper. If you are "going green" use something recycled.  The size is approximately 2 1/2" at the top and 1 1/2" at the bottom with a length of about 6".  Cut 2 pieces from fun fabric.  Put right sides together and stitch around (1/4" seam) leaving a space of about 1 1/2" to turn. Turn and stuff with stuffing!  Sew up side to make a funny puffy thingy.  Using embroidery floss stitch the legs up the middle as shown.

Acrylic paint works for the face.  It is best to paint it twice making sure the color sinks into the fabric.  Next cut off a 30" piece of wire (20 gauge).  Fold in half to mark a center point, then twist one end 3 times around a pencil - then around a smaller stick like a skewer until you come almost up to your middle mark.  Carefully push the arm through the doll a little in front of the seam.  Repeat on the other side to make a two armed doll!  By releasing your adult notions of how things should be and recapturing the heart and imagination of a child, you too may create a one of a kind Art Doll.  Dipping her feet in Elmer's glue and then in glitter gives your Art Doll's toes a little twinkle.

I added beads, a simple cotton frock and not yet having suitable "hair," I found gladiola blooms usable for this photo shoot.  Yarn and a glue gun work wonders for more permanent hair.  Having recently spent a week on an island, I decided to make this Art Doll tropical.  While all of this colorful play is good clean fun, it has the tendency to become highly addictive and has been known to be contagious!

               She now has her new "do" of fine yarn and trimmings making her a lovely tropical babe!


Very low water level created abundant beaches.  

A trip to The Happy Berry is always included in these Jocassee camping trips
along with a gas station breakfast at 6 Mile.

The camper driver, setter upper, potty dumper, and grill chef
gets a little well deserved rest in the shade!