Saturday, April 12, 2014


OK, so here's the deal.....the new book, "7 Days in Giverny," is finally available, and it is beautiful!  This charming little book is a finely (and funly) illustrated poetic memoir of my trip to France in 2000 where I enjoyed the benefit of artistic instruction from Gale Bennett (a world class painter and teacher) at ArtStudy Giverny . . . located just up the road from the home of Claude Monet.  If you are creative, want to be creative, know someone who should be creative, or just need a little nudge in stepping out in creativity - this book is for you (or them).  Available now at Amazon.  Now, if you want to be as amazed as I was, check out and type in my name and there you will see the covers and info of the books I have written and published right here in South Carolina. . . right there on the world wide web in full color!!!

Down the steps from my front porch is a chunk of concrete
where I have topped off a small wrought-iron set
 with a tea pot and cup and saucer given to me by friends.
 It seems a good place to enjoy the spring sun, 
peruse blooming bulbs and perennials, 
and ponder the next book.

The next one - I'm thinkingwill be more art 
 less prose . . . 
more poetic painting . . .  
less words . . .