Monday, May 30, 2011

Aluminum Can Flowers

Yippee!!!! They came out so a little herd of chromatic tin adorning the garden.

These are flowers made out of discarded aluminum cans that once help soda or beer. It wasn't my original idea, but I've had so much fun creating them, layer by layer. When they are finished (sprayed with a clear acrylic) they will be nailed to wooden stakes and "planted" in my flower garden to bloom brightly and faithfully with no water or plant food. They are simple to make by cutting off the tops of cans, cutting again to even out the edges, cut down in strips to form petals, spead out petals, paint and assemble 3 cans to make the ones like mine. FUN!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oconee Point

One of the best things about this trip was seeing all the bird babies. Our favorite was a pair of killdeer with their 3 chicks that looked like puff-balls on stilts zooming by. Protecting their babies, they ran off every perceived predator including squirrels and an overly aggressive goose.

Storms came through on Thursday evening leaving a trail of foliage debris and several downed trees including one that crashed onto a camper. But not ours.

Our campsite this week was on a point jetting out into the lake where all the birds wandered by. We saw ducks and geese and killdeer and a crane and several kinds of shore birds that looked to be more at home by the ocean than a lake. Again we saw a dead snake on the road.

I love our tacky Christmas lights set up between trees. Who doesn't love Christmas lights?
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It is amazing how much we miss even when we are intently looking. As we were pulling up stakes and getting ready to exit the campground, I spotted this little clump of some kind of blooming plant nestled below a towering pine tree. Someday I'll look it up in my wild-flower book. But, there it was all sweet and cozy and hidden. We never saw it 'till we left. I wonder what else we missed......

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bald Ridge Campground - Lake Lanier

A simply wonderful week at the beach at Lake Lanier near Cumming, Georgia where we used to live. There were no storms this week and lots of fun visiting our favorite places to shop and eat.

The water was so clear that you could actually see the fish!

The best spot for morning quiet time with a hot cup of coffee.

Our campsite was right on the water where we were able to see ducks and geese and jumping fish. This mom came by every morning with her brood around 10:30 for a quick snack of old hot-dog buns.

Down below the dam on Lake Lanier is a lovely hidden spot for many fly fishermen.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coffee Mugs

Do you have too many coffee mugs and don't know what to do with them? Do folks give you mugs as a token, a joke, or a souvenir? There were way too many items in my kitchen cabinets and I decided to take control of the situation by removing many surplus coffee mugs. But, what do you do with them? Where can they go? And what of hurt feelings of those who so contentiously and meticulously chose them for you? As they sat on my kitchen counter awaiting their fate....I had an idea. I love fun stuff in my garden, and so I grabbed them up, carried them outside, and fitted them atop my picket fence where they look quite perky. They are now out of my cupboards and yet still available if I need extras for company. Being ceramic and slippery they do frustrate the neighborhood birds, which I admit is fun to watch!

Hawe Creek

The most perfect camp-site on Strom Thurman Lake.

These are "mystery" seedlings. Last fall we found some interesting seed pods and saved them till this spring when I soaked and planted the seeds. Amazingly 3 have sprouted and we hope they will grow and discover who they are. To keep them safe and watered, we take them camping!

We saw many wild things on this camping trip including this prehistoric lizard. We also saw a squirrel, ground bees, an eagle (yes), and a dead big snake on the road.

Our camp-site could not have been more perfect. All snuggled in the woods.....