Tuesday, July 30, 2013


You may have wondered why there have been no postings since January.  Did I fall off the planet, been captured by aliens, moved to New Zealand?  No.  I've been working on my fourth book of poems - gathering, writing, rewriting, throwing out, rummaging through the trash to revive them again - then harnessing them together in book-form, and finally complete.

That's me with the happy face showing the final proofs to the sunshine.  This is a slightly different sort of book of poetry, not all roses and sweet baby toes.  Rough Sketches - portraits in black and white  is a collection of poems I have written about the homeless, marginalized, and disadvantaged folks I've encountered during my time as a volunteer at a local outreach mission.  None of these sketches represents a particular person or situation.  Liberally utilizing my creative license, I've embellished, combined, and imagined scenarios to reveal a lively kaleidoscope of characters - concerned more with evoking an emotional response than purely documenting this specific segment of society.

Me again with the happy face! If you are interested in adding this wonderfully creative book of poetry to your collection, please contact me at:  karenzpoemz@gmail.com     The book is finished and off the presses and can be purchased through Amazon or if you see me around, I normally have a couple copies in the back of the car.