Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Signs of Spring

I just bought my first gardening magazine of the year. I bought this one because I have decided to go along with the fact that we are in a drought and plant accordingly as opposed to my usual way of complaining so much when I have to water my sun scorched, dried up garden. This magazine has lots of ideas of what to plant that needs no water (or sunlight). It is called "Flea Market Gardens" and the idea is to fill your garden with colorful cast-off funky stuff that requires no seasonal care. I am so excited! And with this new eye, I just saved a cast-off makeup bag on its way to Goodwill by re-purposing it to hang on my garden gate giving a bold splash of color to my February beige garden. I am also looking at a large coffee maker that no-longer works. Hmmm, just might make a good container for cactus!

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