Monday, December 5, 2011


I wrote this poem last year, but when I began to see the Christmas tree lots spring up along the highways, I decided to resurrect it for the holidays. I still like it very much!

yesterday i saw
a flock of evergreens
ensconced in a
Christmas tree lot
crowded together
pushing and shoving
jostling for position
tightly against a chain
link fence topped
with razor wire
confined with no
way of escape
through no fault of
their own looking
like puppies in a
pound up for adoption
anxiously peering
hopefully expectant
eyes pleading

choose me
pick me
please take me home
with you
pretty please
i'll be your best friend...


today the 26th of december
i again drove by the lot
and saw the aftermath

looking like photos
from news reports or
pictures from life magazine

the cut-off bodies
boughs laid flat
on the ground
in rows

silent except for
the sound of the
chipper being brought
to life

green expectant lives
new destiny

perhaps to protect and
nourish newly planted
evergreen sprigs
this spring

if they had mouths
or a voice

would they tell?

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