Sunday, June 10, 2012


I've been playing with poetry for the past couple of years while my painting-self sat languishing on the shelf, not forgotten, but out of sight, gathering dust but still with a gentle heart softly beating its wings.
Lake Lanier
During my trip to New Zealand I discovered that I didn't have to choose a singular creative expression, that I could actually paint and write, and I now open my days wide expressing myself  in which ever medium I am drawn to at the moment.

Lake Jocassee
So here are my first three pieces, (9x12") oil on canvas board, that have come to pass.  I'm  in the process of writing a poem about my return to this medium and the fear that consumed me as I tentatively embraced the possibility/opportunity for failure and the freedom that arrived - danced right in - on wings of grace.

Back Yard

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