Tuesday, November 24, 2015


These beauties have lived for many months
in my neighbor's yard along with ducks and geese and goats.
Last Friday as I drove by, I noticed how sweet they looked
as a couple and thought about taking a picture.
I was in a hurry and argued with myself (Holy Spirit)
about waiting until my return trip - when I would have more time.
But the thought lingered and although I had driven
quite a distance, I decided to retrace my steps
and take the photo. (which I did)
Upon returning home after completing my errands,
the birds were gone and haven't been seen since.

My point,
of course,
is that none of us actually know the future,
the next hour or minute.
To have no regrets over lost or disregarded opportunities
we must pay attention to the nudgings
of the Holy Spirit,
be obedient to the still small voice
and be so grateful and thankful
for all our Heavenly Father has available to us today.

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