Saturday, February 20, 2016

Like a Flood

When the enemy comes in . . .
like a flood the Lord will
raise up a standard against him.

(Isaiah 59:19)

The words "lift up a standard" against
are translated from the Hebrew: 

to vanish away, subside, chase, make to flee

meaning (in my opinion)
that when the enemy comes in
the Lord Himself will sweep him away
like overcoming - flooding waters . . .



  1. Thank you for the picture of "overcoming-floodwaters". I grew up in a flood plain region and know how quick floodwaters can overtake a home and all that you own. What a wonderful way to picture Father God fighting for me in such a way.

  2. Just found your comment and thank you for your insight. Despite what we see on TV or what we're told in the world... the enemy has no chance of ultimate success. God's victory is a done deal! I bet the Israelites enjoyed the washing away of their tormentors. Perhaps that works with the washing of our mind with God's word.