Friday, October 29, 2010

Poet Me

This is me on a beautifully crisp autumn day sitting in Carl Sandburg's chair in Flat Rock, NC. It is OK, because he wasn't using it at the time and I had just discovered that I am a poet. This truly was a revelation. I had thought that I was just painting pages in my journal and writing my observances on top of the colors in an interesting and creative manor...when what to my surprise I saw that they were actual poems, funny little poems, but poems never the less. I think I will call it "illustrated poetry" which will encompass this new genre. How exciting! What a lovely revelation! How unique a gift! So, when I found Carl's chair unoccupied, I thought to take a rest and a ponder and to peruse this newness occurring in autumn when things are normally coming to closure, falling apart, or drying up. In future blogs I will begin to reveal my new work as I scan my colorful wordy pages and post them.

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