Sunday, October 24, 2010

Front Porch

Since moving to the south many years ago, I have often made fun of southern porches with major appliances and/or upholstered furniture. That is until a few weeks ago when we were removing a chair from the living room to the garage via the front porch. Its destination was Goodwill. But it has had a layover right next to the front door. I did it first as a joke, a southern joke. And then I sat in it on the porch...and well, actually it felt nice and was actually kind of fun. So, I thought I'd leave it for a day or two. It is now into its second week and we are becoming great friends, the porch, the chair, and I. I'm not sure how long will be the reprieve from Goodwill, but I now understand the attraction of stuffed furniture on the front porch. I also eat grits and greens!

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