Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fence Fish

One of our many projects in The Art Room at Triune Mercy Center is designing and painting wooden fish. I've been through my house, garage, and shed looking for scrap wood that could be used and came upon a discarded piece of wooden art that I had painted many years ago. It was a large rectangular piece of pine painted with brightly colored flowers and had no current home in my house. So, I got out the jig saw and a marker and cut out this fun fish which now sits along the back fence. And I love it!!! I love to re-purpose. It is so much more exciting and creative to see and think beyond what is or has been and participate in the discovery of something brand new...out of what was. I thank God that I am continually being re-purposed. How static and boring to remain who you were when all the wonder and awe of what could be is just waiting for fresh sight!

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