Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hunting Island

It is camping season again! The sheets have been laundered, floor swept, refrigerator filled and we are on our way. The first trip this season is to Hunting Island where we spent a week with temperatures in the high 80"s down to the low 40's. But we were at the ocean, at the beach, so who cares about the weather. The following photo was taken of our breakfast table the first morning...colorful and impressionistic and the coffee was very fine!

Just a short walk from our camp-site to the beach.

Our anniversary dinner at the 11th Dockside Restaurant in Port Royal was magnificent. Married 44 years; we greatly enjoyed the view, the company, and OH YES, the food!

Ah, the sparkle of the ocean and those funky little shore birds....

I just couldn't resist taking this picture with my new camera and zoom lens.

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